Preparations for the newest performance by Theater Tol, HOTEL WATERCAGE are in full swing. 

In this open air hotel, a connection is drawn between humans, animals and plants. Some guests in Hotel Watercage are locked up, others are suspended high up above the audience. Everyone in this extraordinary hotel is in search of happiness and fights his own battle to achieve it. Take the cloud catcher, for instance, who attempts to collect water from clouds. And what do you make of an opera singer who really wishes to sing in a fountain?

In this poetic performance you will be delighted by dancers, singers, actors and live musicians. As Hotel Watercage comes to a rousing finale, the audience returns home refreshed and purified by the performance. Your inner self will radiate with the healing power of water, the very key to happiness. Because, remember... 60% of your body is made up of water. 

After the official press conference more information and details will be provided through the website and newsletter of Theater Tol.