During a residency in July 2021 at Neerpelt, the newest performance of Tol, Tarta on the water, was developed.

Content Tarta Cine

Tarta is a floating installation in the shape of a cake on which cinematic images are shown.

The audience gets invited to visit a world under water where the characters are lost and try to survive beneath the water surface. Tol takes you away to a moment of peace and quiet. Take your time, sit down. The cake shows you what is happening at the same time in an imaginary underwater world. Enjoy a nighttime sensory experience with images and sound and get closer to nature.

The installation Tarta is part of a larger performance, yet to be created by Theater Tol: Tarta Cine. This large performance, currently under development, deals with a story that is exemplary for the present time. It is a universal story about going away and not being able to come back, about a world that threatens to be torn apart. The protagonists of Tarte Cine live in a place surrounded by water and poverty. They earn a living as fishermen and are forced to go out on the water at night. Their work is always far from home and in dangerous conditions. To eliminate their fears, they have turned their work into a kind of game. This dispels the constant threat and makes the work bearable. During their game they get lost and they fear they will never be able to come home again. However, the characters do not give up the search, they overcome not only the dangers but above all their internal fears. And so they eventually find their way back home, back to their happiness.

Tarta Cine is a performance that talks about creativity as a form of escape from the cruelty and harshness of life.
In this performance, poetic feelings are translated into cinematic images, song and dance.