Theater Tol looks with hope and positive vibes to the future and will start with a residency in Neerpelt from July 2021. This is where Tol's latest performance, The Floating Cake, will be developed. An installation with projection, on the water. This project will evolve in a later phase into a larger open-air performance, Tarta Cine.

Content Tarta Cine

The protagonists of this unforgettable adventure live in a place surrounded by land and poverty. They work in the fields without a break and in order to survive they have turned their work into a game. It is impossible to stop a person from dreaming and to take away the imagination. The players take you into their game. A trip with a dream destination to the dream destination of a world underneath the water surface.

The performance talks about creativity as a form of escape from the cruelty and harshness of life. Poetic feelings are translated into cinematic images, song and dance.

Work in progress

Theater Tol is looking for producers, investors and festivals to help develop Tarta Cine. If you can help Tol with a location, sponsorship or an invitation, you can always contact Lot at