Theater Tol is looking for freelance singers (m)

Theater Tol is an International Music Theatre company based in Antwerp (B). The company creates performances with almost no spoken words, using images, acting and music instead. Theater Tol works in a detailed and poetic manner, communicating through original, visual and lyrical language. The company performs in Belgium as well as abroad.

For its current performances, Theater Tol is looking for freelance singers (m). More specifically for baritones and tenors who can bring classical / opera repertoire or tango songs (preferably in Spanish), no musical.

Candidates must also be prepared to fully participate in the teamworking of Theater Tol. This means that everyone, regardless of their discipline, participates in the performance from start to finish, including loading & unloading, building up and breaking down and all other necessary preparations.

Warning: due to the spread of Covid-19, the planned audition is postponed to a date later this year.

Candidates who applied already, will be notified by Aline about the new audition date.  New candidates can still apply by sending their resume to She will provide you with the details of the audition.