Auditions Theater Tol

Theater Tol is looking for dancers and aerial performers for the performance Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo on a freelance base. On Friday the 10th of November an audition will be held in Antwerp. Registrations with resume through Aline at

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World Premiere Hotel Watercage 16th,17th,18th,19th of August 2017

Hotel Watercage

World premiere Hotel Watercage

Hotel Watercage

Preparations for Hotel Watercage are in full swing.

Trainees wanted

Theater Tol is looking for trainees for the new production.

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The website of Theater Tol is temporary under construction.

Press release Theater Tol Sint-Niklaas

Performances Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo and Mariage Fantastique at Sint-Niklaas because of 'together to 800'.